Vote for Putman

The Times are Dangerous. Our Government is more divided than at any time since the period leading to the Civil War. Without a new style of constructive leadership there will be no progress.

Congress must stop attacking each other and start attacking the real problems.

In everything David Putman has done he has been recognized for his leadership skills and ability to take on difficult projects driving them to successful conclusions. His style is to reach out to work together with all concerned parties which accounts for his strong record solving problems in the military, industry and his community.

The qualifications that make him the right choice to serve the people of Alabama's 6th District in Washington include -


His 30 years with Alabama Power, serving multiple roles, make him uniquely qualified to talk with businesses, understand their needs and negotiate the give and take required to bring them to the 6th District. He is also keenly aware of the need to foster and grow existing business as well.

The current representative has no practical real world experience. How can we expect him to bring jobs and economic development to the 6th District? His career has focused on writing policy documents for others to implement and he has not had to try and implement those plans, or stand up for the consequences.


David’s education and broad experience make him a problem solver. Pointing out that his engineering degree has trained him to find practical solutions and his law degree has trained him to find people solutions, Mr. Putman knows he can get the job done in D.C. for the 6th District.


Putman is not wildly partisan. His parents were Republican. His mother served as state coordinator for President Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater and President George Bush Sr. She was the first woman to run for Secretary of State in 1954.

“I feel in my heart that people in the South are really Democrats.
They're giving people, they like to help people, they pray for people in their churches.
I'm going to work hard to give Alabama a real option.”
                                                         David J. Putman