The current Federal Tax System is very unfair and counterproductive.

The Individual Income Tax System is very complex; it taxes dollars of income very differently depending on the source and not based on the spending power of those dollars. Every dollar should be treated the same for taxation.

The current inheritance tax system has been proven to be destructive to the continuation of the productive power of family owned businesses and farms while allowing others to hoard wealth in non-productive items of property

The Corporate Tax system greatly restrains the growth of the total economy by restraining and strangling innovation, modernization and expansion within the U.S. borders.  The system has encouraged companies to move headquarters outside of the US along with the many associated jobs.  Some companies have also “hidden” income outside the US to avoid our tax system.  The system is equally unfair among companies in competing businesses, with some companies paying near the full 35% standard while other large companies have not paid any taxes for years.  These differences result from lobbying successes and manipulation of our Congress.

I am proposing a very significant reform of the entire system which will provide a large stimulus to our total economy that will require all individuals and families to pay a fair share based on the benefits they receive from our economic system.  The changes will be significant but will result in a fair, balanced and productive economy. more.



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Gun Safety not Gun Control


More Americans owning more guns is not the right solution

Getting every American that owns a gun trained to use it safely is the better solution


Stop trying to track individual guns to insure public safety-It is not working and will not work

Train and license qualified (Trained and Tested) gun owners more.



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