A Nation of Immigrants, Then and Now

We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation whose ancestors left where they were to find a better life. New groups arrive to reinvigorate the population every day. They make us a better community, a better society, and a better nation.

Whether they be bright, educated young people seeking a better life for themselves or they are older unskilled laborers looking for a better chance for their children or they are the displaced refuges of disaster and tyranny, these are the people who make America great.

Nevertheless, we have an immigration problem. Contrary to what some may say, the problem is not the immigrants; it is the way we deal with them.

We force decent hardworking people to live in shadows, where they are easy prey for criminals.

We force them into an illegal economy of cash without oversight, where they can be abused and even enslaved. We force people who only want to take care of themselves and their families to be criminal by simply existing.

This system is inhumane and un-American, full of abuse, a breeding ground for crime, and for the sake of all who live in the borders of the United States, we must end it.

We must overhaul our immigration system by doing the following:

1. Implementing a quick, straightforward plan for identifying and awarding a status identification card to individuals and family members of immigrants who meet an easily understood standard.

2. Securing all borders.

With a clear system of registration, we can more easily identify those who are here for illegitimate reasons from those who simply want a better life. We must determine who they are and why they are here, issue a status card to reflect that, and then enforce violations of that status.

In doing so, we make our borders more secure. No, we will never eliminate illegal immigration, but by making a clear and simple set of rules to govern immigration, we may cut down on illegal violation of our borders.

With fewer violations of the border, we also get fewer illegal guns, drugs, and criminals. With fewer violations of the border, we can then better spend our time and money enforcing the borders, looking out for people who pose a real danger to our citizens.

Immigrants are not a problem. Our system of immigration is.

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  • commented 2016-09-22 08:18:12 -0500
    Thanks for the sanity. Yesterday, NACLA published a short analysis of a spring study that documents clearly the [very expensive] failure of hard-line immigration policy espoused by too many officials and candidates who have not done their homework well.

    Douglas Massy an author of the referenced report gave an excellent interview to On the Media earlier this summer:, accompanied by a helpful chart
    He heads the Mexican Migration Project at Princeton,